10 Things To Look For When Booking Your Kids Birthday Party

We all love a good party and we want our kids to have the best time ever – so what should we be looking for when thinking about what to book for the big day?

Here’s our essential 10:



Social networking for dance teachers1. Ask your child what kind of party they want!

We know it’s an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t actually sit down with their child and look at various ideas. Do they want the same party that their friend had? Do they want a party at home? Do they want to do something with a small groups of friends? Do they want to invite the whole class?


dance birthday parties2. Look at budgets

Do you have a budget? There’s usually a larger budget if it’s just a few friends, whereas incorporating the whole class can turn out costly if you get carried away.




Binoculars3. Search on the internet

A lot of the time, kids do tend to know what they want and they’ve usually been to someone else’s party that they enjoyed and they want the same. But if you don’t have a trusted recommendation, then it’s worth having a google to see what’s out there for you.  Why not try NetMums too and also asking the question in parent or mums facebook groups – you usually get great recommendations that way too.


support for dance teachers4. Check out their website

Again, very obvious, but do have a route around the websites of companies that you’ve found, or that have been recommended to you. Do they look professional? Do they tell you about their staff? Are they qualified and experienced? Are they all DBS checked? Do they have public liability insurance?

Is it clear what their party package is, what you will get and how much it costs?

Do they have testimonials on their website?


communication is key5. Get in touch with the company

Phone calls are always the best – it enables you to speak directly to the company, get a vibe for what they are like, you can ask lots of questions and find out if you think it’s right for your child.




how to market birthday parties6. Check them out on social media

Have a look at their facebook page, their twitter account – are they active on there? Do you like their vibe? Personality?  Are their customers talking about them on social media? Good feedback?




10 ways to get fit for summer7. Check out their Terms and Conditions

What happens if your child is ill on the day of their party? What happens if your party organisers are ill or stuck in traffic?  Read the smallprint and make sure you are happy with it and that the company has back up systems in place.


time management for dance teachers8. Book your party

If you are happy with everything, book your party and make sure you get sent a booking confirmation – detailing everything about the party, i.e. where it is, when, what it consists of, what you have been promised, and that your payment has been received.



Top tips to beat the January blues9. Get in touch again nearer the date of your party

If the company do not get in touch with you again nearer the date of your party to confirm everything is ok, give them a call or an email just to double check everything – you don’t want to be left on the big day with no party organiser due to miscommunication.  All good companies will get in touch with you to confirm everything again nearer your party.



dance events10. Give feedback

Most good companies will ask for feedback on the party, to find out whether you, your child and their guests had a good time. Good companies value honest feedback so it’s great to let them know what you enjoyed about it and also whether you have any concerns or tips on what could be improved upon to make it an even better party.



Time management11. Sit back and relax – you’ve partied! ;)


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