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It’s just £300 for the Popdance Partner Package – and we have a Popdance Summer Sizzler Offer for you

Join the team this summer and it’s just £250 for the whole year!

Run 2 parties and you’ve got your investment back!

So How Does It Work?

Step 1: We set up a webpage for you detailing all the genres of dance, fitness and wellbeing that you currently offer

Step 2: You get full access to years of Popdance Choreography, how it all works and a licence to use all of our brands – Popdance Tots, Kids, Teens, Seniors, Adults, and Fit!

Step 3: You and your team can add Popdance classes, parties and events to what you offer

Step 4: You and your team can choreograph for Popdance and get paid for it

Step 5: We promote you every single month to thousands of people looking to participate in dance, fitness and wellbeing!

So what does it mean for YOU?

Becoming a Popdance Partner means:

More people knowing who you are

More people knowing what you do

More people getting to know you on a regular basis

More customers coming your way

New, exciting and in-demand brands to add to what you offer

Endless choreography at your fingertips

Additional revenue from things like parties, workshops, classes and choreography!

A whole community of dance teachers to support you

Tons of marketing support for everything you offer

Monthly online meet ups to connect with likeminded dance business owners

Tons of tips and ideas to help you run your business successfully and profitably

A team that has your back!

And, very importantly, having time to have a life too!

Here's what other dance teachers had to say:

Our Story

Being from a marketing background, I’d always loved that side of business – so when I “accidentally” started Popdance, I knew I had a pretty good head start.

However, I was not a dance teacher – I was a customer of my own business, and therefore built a team of fantastic dance teachers to bring Popdance alive.

I very quickly realised that there was a need to support our team in all genres of dance, fitness and well-being that they offered. And Popdance became a place where they could promote everything they offered, come together, share ideas and get on-going support.

They were not alone. We discovered lots of dance teachers and dance schools who felt the same way!

We are only looking to partner with one dance teacher or school per area – want it to be YOU?

Got a question before we get started?

Have a look at the FAQs below or email info@popdance.co.uk and a member of our friendly team will get back to you


What are the pre-requisites to enable us to work together?

You must be a qualified and experienced dance teacher or dance school, with DBS and public liability insurance (or your country’s equivalent)

I run a dance school with lots of dance classes, how can working with Popdance help me?

Popdance not only gives you tons of choreography to choose from, but we also have tons of marketing tips, downloads, how-to’s, paid work opportunities, and tools for you to run successful and profitable classes, no matter what type of class they are – so if you are running ballet, tap or modern classes too, all of the Popdance tips and resources can help your school in many aspects – as well as benefiting from our marketing expertise and being part of the team – Popdance gets involved and will publicise your dance school too.

I have other dance teachers within my school – can they teach Popdance too?

Absolutely, yes. Your team are also welcome to run Popdance for you with your permission – enabling you to make additional money without having to deliver everything yourself.

I love to choreograph myself – why would I want to use someone else’s choreography?

At Popdance, all of our partners are part of the Popdance Team.  We have so many skills, ideas and passion amongst us and that’s what makes Popdance a fantastic company to partner with.  You are invited to choreograph for Popdance and get paid for it!

So, if you love to choreograph, why not get involved and get paid too! Plus, you get to see and use tons of choreography from all different choreographers, so there are lots of different influences and ideas to work with. And, you can use your own choreography too.

New choreography is added to the Popdance portfolio regularly – so there’s tons to choose from.

Is it expensive to market and publicise your classes?

With modern technology and tons of tools that are FREE to use on the internet, the world is pretty much our oyster. We’ve invested time and money in technology and building our audiences – so you get to benefit from that ready made, active and engaged audience who are there waiting do dance with you!

Plus we have tons of FREE marketing ideas, tools and downloads in POP (our Popdance Teacher website) that you can use – AND all our partners receive marketing tips straight into their inbox each month.

AND with our in-house graphic designer, we can produce pretty much anything you want 

It’s often hard to set up new dance classes, how realistic is it to set up and have full classes?

At Popdance, we are very realistic. We know that adult classes can often be hard to set up and fill at the start. Children’s classes are much easier. That’s why we recommend that when you first start with Popdance, that you may want to focus on parties and workshops initially. These are incredibly simple to market, with no financial outlay and no pressure to get people into your class. Once the word is out that you offer parties and workshops, then you can simply say yes or no to bookings and it’s an additional income for you. There’s lots of tips and advice on how to get bookings and how to market what you offer – plus you can always chat with us and other Popdance partners in our private members only facebook group to see how others are doing it.

For someone who has a “day job”, how much would it take to get set up?

Again, we would suggest that you start with the parties and workshops initially. In terms of set up, it’s as simple as adding information to a webpage that we give you on the Popdance website. So you could add Popdance Kids parties, Adult parties, hen parties, and workshops in schools, brownies, cubs etc. and the prices you want to charge. Plus you can add information about anything else that you offer.

We will promote the fact that dance is available in your area and there are also tips and advice on how to market from your side, so if you wanted to let local facebook groups know that you offer parties, if you wanted to let schools or brownie groups know etc we have tons of tips and ideas to help you.

Or, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to (although the more you do in your local area, the more work you will gain). But even if you did nothing, you will be offered work from us as well as other Popdance partners – plus you can promote any other dance, fitness or yoga services!

Is there a minimum period of working together?

No, you can cancel at anytime.

Got more questions? No problem – email info@popdance.co.uk and one of our friendly team will get back to you ASAP

Not ready to be a partner?

No problem, register FREE for paid work opportunities with us

This is great for teachers or dance schools that simply want to “turn up and teach” – where all the admin, bookings and communications with the customer are done by our team. 

You will be provided with the choreography, the format of the party, class or workshop and paid, on average, £25-30/hour.

If this is you – complete the form via the button below and we will be in touch