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Our Story

I really wanted to learn fun dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s, 00s – I was a 38 year old mum of two at the time and I couldn’t find anything that fitted the bill.

So, in 2009, I met some amazing teachers and created Popdance.

Being from a marketing background, I’d always loved that side of the business, so it worked really well in supporting busy dance teachers who loved what they did, but didn’t love the marketing side as much.

We soon realised the value in having a supportive team for teachers in all genres of dance, fitness and well-being. So, Popdance became a place to dance teachers to promote everything they offered, come together, share ideas and get on-going support as well as deliver routines they know customers will love.

Today, I still love being a customer of my own business, learning new things and seeing the new generation of kids learn the joy of dance.


Sue Wybrow – Chief Legwarmer Wearer – Popdance World!

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