We are growing our team!


From paid work opportunities….

To running your own Popdance classes, parties or workshops…

We are here to support you in a variety of ways – which is right for you?

Register for paid work

  • Paid work for parties, workshops and classes (we pay, on average, £30/hour)
  • Invite to Popdance Facebook Community of dance teachers
  • Invite to monthly online meet up
  • Page on Popdance website for the areas you can work in

Register your dance school

£ 50 annually
  • Everything in the FREE package PLUS:
  • Area page on Popdance website featuring all the classes, parties and workshops you offer (not just Popdance)
  • Interview feature on Popdance website about all the things you offer
  • Welcome email and on social media introducing you to thousands of participants

Become a Partner

£ 25 Monthly + £149 per training
  • Everything in the Register your dance school package PLUS:
  • Direct bookings to you - you will make on average £65/hour and £195 for a 2 hour party
  • Your news, classes, offerings in Dance News Worldwide email going to thousands of inboxes and across socials
  • First refusal on jobs in your area

Here's what other dance teachers have said

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