10 Simple Things To Help You Run A Successful Dance Company

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1. Scheduling your social media. Did you know that you can now schedule within the actual social media platforms themselves now? So whereas we used to use the likes of Hootsuite and Publer, it’s now far more effective to schedule directly – the algorhyms prefer it!


2. Canva enables us to create images to accompany our tweets, posts, blogs reels and communications and many of the designs are FREE or really low cost


3. Building our database of clients is key in the success of our business – software such as mailchimp and mailerlite are fantastic examples of how to do this – and many of them are FREE


4. Planning ahead – seasonal campaigns, school holidays, end of term, camps – plotting everything on a year planner helps us to see the bigger picture – we like some of these funky designs


5. DropboxSign keeps our customer and teacher contracts and booking confirmations in order


6. Google Docs – absolutely LOVE google docs – enables you to share documents live with your team, access them wherever you are in the world, plus you can use documents, spreadsheets, google forms, save files etc.


7. SurveyMonkey – perfect for finding out how our customers feel about us, what our teachers need help with, how we are doing – you can ask up to 10 questions – freeeeee!


8. WordPress – our website is built in wordpress which makes it easy peasey for us to manage, up date, upload videos, images, blogs, work on the seo etc. It’s worth investing in a professional to set it up for you and then away you go!


9. Google Analytics – is your marketing activity working? Google analytics helps you to see what happens when people visit your website – do they stay for long? Do they leave at a certain page? Do they spend longer on a specific page etc. It’s fascinating. Google Analytics help you to tweak and change your website to make sure it is doing the job you want it to. Look out for the changes coming on Google Analytics – GA4


10. An amazing team – having an amazing team is the secret to our success. Every one of our team, whether based in the office, or freelance are extremely important to us. Each brings their skills to work together to create a business that really works – and each one is valued.


The list goes on – however, take a look at these ten tips and see if you can implement any of them in your business, if you haven’t done so already – we would love to hear how you get on.

Plus, if you have any tips to share, we would love to hear them – get in touch via email at [email protected]

Have a great week!