11 Things You Might Not Possibly Know About Dance

Did you know:

  1. As soon as she could walk, Elizabeth Taylor was given ballet lessons.  At the age of 3, she danced with her dance class before Britain’s royal family.

  2. All of the dance scenes in 1983’s movie Flashdance were not performed by the lead actress Jennifer Grey, but by a double, Marine Jahan.

  3. Goldie Hawn and Teri Hatcher were professional dancers before they became famous in TV and films.

  4. A Hollywood executive’s comments on Fred Astaire’s first screen test were “Can’t act, can’t sing, slightly bald. Can dance a little”.

  5. Moderate dancing burns 250 to 300 calories an hour.

  6. Val Kilmer was originally offered the lead role in Dirty Dancing.

  7. Christopher Walken started his career as a dancer – remember his Fat Boy Slim routine?

  8. Ricky Gervais performed the famous David Brent dance at the Live 8 Concert in 2005 and to fill some time at Live Earth in 2007.

  9. Michael Jackson did not invent the moonwalk – it was first invented by Neil Amstrong in 1969 ;) However Jeffrey Daniel, member of Shalamar first performed the ‘backslide’ now known as the ‘moonwalk’ on British television during a performance of a night To Remember on Top of the Pops.

  10. Ben Hammond broke the world record for the worlds longest dance in 2011 by dancing for 5 days with only a 15 minute break every four hours – Popdance danced on stage at Tower Bridge with him for 4 hours non stop too – it was fun!

  11. Lori Singer, who played Ariel in Footloose, beat Madonna in the role for the TV show that ran from 1983-1987.