Not that we need reasons to dance

– but here are 12.5 fantastic ones!

1. Happiness – this is the best reason to dance ever!  We all want to be happy right? Well dancing is proven to make us happy – the endorphin levels create a positivity within us! Yay!

2. Be healthy!  Dancing burns calories and increases our stamina – yes please!

3. Dancing keeps us young!!!  Wow!  It slows the aging process! Can you believe that!  Don’t mind a bit of that!

4. Look better!  Just pass the legwarmers now – let’s dance! Dance makes us look better as it improves our posture.

5. It’s a brain workout! Stimulation for our brains – allowing us to switch off from the norm and concentrate purely on fabulous dance steps.

6. Makes us stronger! Improves our joints and gives us great flexibility! Reminds us of Stretch Armstrong!

7. Stress free!  Be whoever you want to be! Be Kylie, be MJ, be Robbie, leave your worries at the door and just dance!

8. It’s sociable! Meet new people, dance together in a relaxed and friendly environment – we always like a friend!

9. Learning! We never stop learning! And what better to learn than the steps to MJ’s Thriller – great fun!

10. Me time – take time out for you! No phones, no distractions, just pure quality fun time – for you!

11. Tones you up! Forget bingo wings and thunder thighs – dancing tones it all up making you feel fantastic.

12. Dance gives us fun, laughter, exercise, youth, creativity, friendship, excitement, passion, time, fitness and a lust for life!

12 and a half.  We love the music too! ;)



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