5 Things To Do This Summer To Help Your Dance Business


Many dance schools take a break in the summer holidays – others ramp it up with summer camps and sessions – but summer is also a great time to get things done!

So, in between holidays, juggling with the kids, running your dance business, have a read of our 5 things to do this summer to help your dance business – they are simple, yet really effective:


support for dance teachersReview your website

Are all the links working?

Is all the information up to date?

Are your Autumn/Winter dates featured?

Does your site have the “wow” factor?

Taking a bit of time to give your website a bit of tender loving care – makes a huge difference to those visiting.


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.18.37Data Capture

When people visit your website or facebook page, do you ask them for their details? Do you offer something in exchange for their email address?

Perhaps tips on healthy living, or a download sheet featuring the benefits of dance.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an audience (all of which are interested in what you do as they’ve visited your website or facebook page already) to send details of your classes, workshops and events to rather than having to build that audience each time?

Check out mailchimp or constantcontact for more information on this


get stuck into twitterSocial Media

How is your social media looking these days? Bit lonely? Neglected? Stagnant?

There’s nothing worse than clicking on the twitter icon on a website and seeing that they haven’t tweeted since 2014 – if you are not going to tweet, then take the icon off of your website – it looks like you’ve disappeared if you are not active – so best remove it.

If you want to carry on, or get going on social media, then plan what your goals are, what do you want to achieve from social media, and build on that.  Check out our past posts about social media for dance teachers – tons of tips to read and implement.


communication is keyMarket your Autumn/Winter offers

So you have your Autumn/Winter classes, workshops and events all planned in – but have you planned how you are going to market them – how you are going to get people to know about all the lovely things you have planned (especially with Halloween and Christmas coming up fast – we know it’s summer but as soon as the kids go back, it’s Halloween before we know it).

Get your notebook and pen and write down all the ways you are going to tell people about the amazing things you have on offer – again, check out our marketing for dance teachers posts – lots of tips on how to do this.


dance eventsGive Excellent Customer Service

It’s amazing how customers are sometimes surprised at how quickly we get back to them. We often here “oh, thanks for getting back to me so quickly” – it makes a big difference. Value your clients and make them feel valued.  A simple “thanks for being an amazing customer, as a valued customer of ours, we wanted to let you know about the Halloween camps we have coming up, before we tell the rest of the world….” etc.

And a simple “Have a fab party” postcard in the post to our customers that book parties with us, are lovely little surprises and make people feel valued.


So, even if you simply ponder the above tips over the summer, write a few things down, or actually get stuck in – we guarantee, these will all make a big difference to your dance business!


If you would like to find out more about working with Popdance – get in touch by emailing [email protected] – we love to hear from you and we love working with amazing dance teachers across the globe and helping them to make a great life through dance.


Happy Popdancing!