Our Goals

We want to make the world dance…..it’s not about the price tag!

Dance is for EVERYONE!

No matter what your age or ability, dance is a fun, energising and effective way to keep fit, tone up, meet others and enjoy yourself.

Dance can make you feel good both mentally and physically as well as improving confidence and overall fitness.

At Popdance we want everyone to come and join in the fun.

Our goals:

  • To create a fun, friendly and supportive place for everyone to dance.

  • To give adults, children and tots the opportunity to have fun, express themselves through movement and dance in a place where they feel comfortable, no matter what dancing abilities they have.

  • To make a difference to people’s lives, how they feel and their attitude towards exercise and healthy living.

  • To maintain the energy, passion, drive and determination to make Popdance accessible to everyone.

  • To work with amazing dance teachers and dance schools across the globe and help and support them in their dance businesses.

  • To get the nation, and the world, dancing!