The Pop-Its

The Pop-Its are made up of 8 different characters.  Neither animals, nor people, they are ‘Its” – hence the Pop-Its.

Each character has a special dance move and a favourite healthy food.

You can learn the POP-It’s moves, check out their “power foods” and see how different foods benefit us via the information and videos below.

The first letter of each POP-It’s name comes together to spell Popdance:

Pop is green.  She does The Sprinkler move.  She is funny, she is the leader.  She likes broccoli because it packs the biggest nutritional punch of any vegetable.

Ogre is yellow.  He does The Arm Wave.  He has funky hair and is silly.  He likes bananas because they give him incredible energy.


Pretty is pink.  She likes to do The Flamingo move. She is ticklish.  She like strawberry yoghurt because it creates a force field against nasty bugs and colds.

DJ is blue.  He does The Running Man move.  He laughs at jokes.  He likes water because it gives him the power to solve problems fast.

Awesome is purple.  He does The Horse Kick move. He likes hats.  He likes blackcurrants because they give him all the super powers.

Naughty is red.  She does The Caterpillar.  She sticks her tongue out.  She likes tomato sauce on everything because she is naughty – she should know by now that it is high in salt and will only weaker her super powers.

Chill is white.  He does The Freeze move.  He likes ice in his drinks.  He likes milk because it gives him teeth and bones of steel.

Energy is orange.  She can do The Star Jump.  She likes to jump.  She likes carrots because they give her amazing vision.

We didn’t want to be too pushy about food and fitness with the children so we created “cool” characters with whom the children can associate with and hopefully will want to be like.

The children can practise the moves and learn about “power foods” and how different foods benefit us.