Popdance Tots - Fun Dance Classes, Parties and Workshops for Toddlers

Whether you want your Tots to:

  • Get Active
  • Learn social skills
  • Make Friends
  • Learn Fun Dance Moves
  • Discover New Steps
  • Understand Rhythm
  • Be Healthy
  • Learn to Follow Instruction
  • Have Fun

All with no pressure to get it right

Does your toddler love pop music?  Then they will LOVE Popdance Tots dance classes, parties and workshops.

For boys and girls aged 2-5 years, it’s all about fun, enjoyment and encouraging the children to express themselves through movement and dance.

We have fantastic warm ups to great pop tracks and a really fun “descriptive moves” section where the children can dance together or on their own and learn some fabulous moves to show you!

And, of course, all of our dance teachers are professional, experienced, DBS checked Popdance Teachers who are also fabulously friendly, passionate and dedicated to helping your child have fun through dance.

And, did you know, that we can run Popdance Tots sessions in your childs’ nursery? Just get in touch to find out more