Are You Successful?

Find out how you can be – right here – right now!


How do you define success?

Is it by the kind of car you drive?

By the kind of handbag you carry?

By how much money you make?

Many people define successful people as just that! Rich, famous, free and easy.  But is that what success is really all about?

As a lot of people do, I was busy juggling summer holidays with work, kids, dog, laundry, etc. when my son did something that made me stop and think.

He was looking at all the old photographs from when the kids were babies and the holidays etc. we’ve been on and the time we spend together. And, because he was viewing them all via iphoto and it automatically puts a soundtrack to them (which I found was a bit depressing) it just brought me to tears. Thinking that my little babies were no longer babies, but one already in secondary school and the other heading that way.  Where had that time gone?

And do you know what? It hit me in the face that I was already successful! That I have a “job” that allows me to spend time with my young family, that lets me spend time with mine and my hubbies parents, that when it snows I can head out with the kids and the sledge.

Yes, of course, I would love a nicer car, a new sofa, a new oven and to head off into the sunset in my Ferris Bueller Ferrari, but I have already achieved success in my eyes :)

It was an amazing feeling!

That’s not to say that I am not continuing to drive the business forward to achieve the dreams I have for it. That I am still passionate, ambitious and driven – but, I am also going to enjoy the here and now! I live for the day too! Take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved already :)  It feels great!

Take a look at the Persicope broadcast we did about success – let us know what you think – we value all feedback :)

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