Why is dance good for mums?

Dance classes for children and teens are easy to come by, and now dance classes for adults are becoming even more popular.

There are many exercise and fitness classes such as Zumba and aerobics and for those who want a specific genre of dance, classes such as ballet, tap and Popdance can now be found.

The birth of shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Got To Dance’ mean dancing for mummies has become more popular – and we are strong believers that dance is for everyone and anyone! You don’t have to be the best, dance can just be about enjoyment, listening to music and putting a smile on your face. Not only that, there are many benefits to dance class for adults.

1. Keeping Healthy
Dance is a fun way of exercising and keeping fit without having to go to the gym! Depending on your weight you can burn between 270-300+ calories in just an hour whilst enjoying it! Dancing works all your muscle groups and can improve stamina, core strength, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, balance and cardiovascular health.

2. Social enjoyment
For many mums it can be hard to meet others and find time for yourself. At a dance class you’ll meet other like minded people and get an hour of me time, where you can switch off and have fun. I started a Popdance class 4 years ago where a group of ladies met for the first time. They all still attend my class and now see each other socially, having made a whole new circle of friends.

3. Confidence building
Dance class is a great way to build confidence and self esteem through learning new skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. In some dance schools there is also the opportunity to perform in annual shows and take dance exams through a syllabus designed specifically for dance.

4. Reducing stress levels
Many of us lead demanding life styles, working and looking after children, everyone needs a bit of time to de-stress and wind down. Attending a dance class gives you an hour to yourself, away from work or family, plus exercise produces endorphin’™s that make us feel good, making dance a brilliant stress buster.

5. Keeping body and brain active
As well as all the physical aspects listed above, dancing also keeps the brain active and healthy. During a dance class you are learning new skills and having to remembering the order of steps, boosting your memory and keeping your brain active.

Lianne Cloot-Holt is Creative Director at Popdance read her blog coming soon to the Popdance website!