Building Communities

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We’ve been amazed at the success of building communities.


So what do we mean by that?


All the best relationships don’t just happen overnight ;) It takes time to know, like and trust people.


People who just go on about themselves all the time are not attractive.


People who are just in it for themselves and just want you to buy, buy, buy often find themselves billy-no-mates ;)

So how do we go about telling people what we do, without actually going on about it?

We build communities.

Whether it’s on social media




In our classes

With people that we think may never lead to business

Everyone is as important as the next person.

When we first started Popdance back in 2009, we set off on a journey that we had no idea where it would lead us. We knew where we wanted to go, but we’d never been along that path before.


Building relationships with people over the past 11 years – people of all walks of life – not just dance – have helped us massively in terms of learning what works, what doesn’t, people becoming advocates of our business, people sharing our tweets, posts, emails, class details etc.

And in return, we’ve tried to help others too – so also sharing tweets, posts, emails, and our expertise – sharing what we’ve learned along the way.


We don’t claim to be experts, but we know the journey that we’ve been on and continue to be on, and you never stop learning.

Sharing information with other dance companies, leisure centres, party entertainers, working together to share expertise is extremely powerful.


So, what can you do to enhance your relationships and communities – here’s a few ideas:

  • focus on your facebook groups – don’t just post about what you are up to but ask what others are up to

  • “like” other dance businesses and share their posts

  • likewise on twitter

  • join dance forums and share your experiences

  • write top tips or blogs on things that you think will benefit others, i.e. health benefits of dance, Top Ten things to do before Easter to help market your dance business etc.

  • write articles for family or health magazines – editors are always looking for great content

  • run an open day – invite everyone to come and see your studios, take part in classes and ask other companies to showcase their businesses, i.e party entertainers, football clubs, gymnastics etc.

  • build a community on facebook of companies that provide activities for children/adults in your area


The opportunities are endless :)


Come and join us at a new Community – Dance Teachers Community on facebook – it’s a community for all things dance – share your classes, tips, concerns and chat with other dance teachers.


We would love to hear from you too – you can email us at [email protected]


Meanwhile, have a fantastic week


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