Charity Begins At Home?

We all like to make sure our families have what they need, which apparently is where this term of phrase comes from. However, it’s always good to give something back and Christmas is a time where we often reflect on the year and appreciate what we have.



Hang on, we’re not going to get all slushy on you, but it’s been on our minds for a while now – to get involved in working with a charity that is close to our hearts – and we are thrilled to announce that Popdance are going to be working with “Make A Wish” Foundation!



make a wish

Look out for Dance-A-Thons, events, merchandise and other fun-filled activities throughout 2016 for Make A Wish.




If you would like to get involved, give us a shout at [email protected]


Meanwhile, why not nominate a charity to get involved in for 2016? Perhaps one that is close to your heart, relates to your dance business & customers and gets you planning tons of fun things for the New Year.


Here’s to an amazing 2016!