Rianna Parchment, Popdance Area Manager for Redhill writes:


The basic benefits of any dance or exercise class are endless!

They are a great way to:

Get some exercise

Have some fun

Learn a new skill

Improve flexibility & balance

Develop musicality & rhythm



However, we believe that our classes provide all of this along with a little something extra too:


We improve children’s confidence


Our Popdance Kids classes are open to all abilities within the specified age range – this means that even if your child is an absolute beginner who loves dancing around the house there is a space for them in our classes.

Our Popdance classes have no exams or assessments – instead they are full of encouragement and taught by teachers who can easily adapt movements to the ability level of our students.


We encourage teamwork & support


In our classes, children are encouraged to work with students from different classes and year groups, helping them to form new friendships. In the ‘Descriptive’ section of our class, children work with a partner to create new dance moves based around our weekly theme.


We recognise that all children have different strengths and weaknesses, and all our classes are non-competitive.


ZING Dance Studio are on a mission with Popdance to get children active and improve their confidence whilst having fun! We are proud to be the only dance school in Redhill offering Popdance classes and events for children aged 2-11 years. Come and join us to see for yourself www.popdance.co.uk/redhill