Collaboration is AMAZING!


We’ve written about this subject before, however, this week, we wanted to show you how working with other businesses has had a MASSIVE impact.

It all started with my husband mentioning that the new Justin Timberlake track “Can’t Stop The Feeling” would be great for Popdance and then, when I took a look at the video, I saw lots of people dancing outside their businesses.

So, I fleetingly posted in our local business facebook group that it would be amazing for us to do something like that and then got an amazing response of everyone saying they would love to be involved.

So, working with other businesses in the group, we invited businesses to take part – we supported our local charity, Home Start, and everyone donated money.

Since we launched the video in June 2016, at time of writing this blog, we have 19,000+ views, it featured on buzzfeed, was covered by the local press, a business magazine, a national charity media, and the BBC – phew!

It’s went mental on twitter, facebook and instagram and continues to be shared.

Plus we were nominate for a BAFTA Charity Video Award and made it to the final 6! Suzy Moody from Home-Start and I were invited to the BAFTAs for the awards evening!


It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you get together with others – here’s the finished product – please do take a look and share:





You can donate to Home Start Herts here

Meanwhile, have a fantastic week

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