Meet The Team - Chloe Williams - London

We love to introduce you to our Popdance Team, so you can find out a bit more about them, their passion for dance and how they became amazing dance teachers!


Meet Chloe:

What’s your name and where are you in the world?

Chloe Williams, London

What kind of dance to you currently offer?

Dance fusion fitness for adults, Bollywood for 50-80 year olds, creative dance workshops for primary ages, contemporary and street dance for primary.

What got you into dance? 

Inspired by watching my first ever dance performance at school (girls a few years above me). Teaching placement at university inspired me to do creative classes when seeing how much the children enjoyed it and seeing them beaming with smiles (when I taught yr2 street dance).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Yoga, reading about mental health, acting course, dance classes, drink tea.

What do you love about the area you live and work in?

Inclusive, lots to do, lots of parks.

Why did you want to work with Popdance?

To help spread happiness to more schools that I haven’t been to yet!