Dance classes, parties and workshops in Rugeley, Staffordshire

Hi everyone, so my name is Katie and I’m from Rugeley, Staffordshire.

My love for dance came at an older age whilst I was at High School picking up dance from GCSE and then further onto A Level for a double award too.

I have had many dance opportunities in such a short space of time including Pineapple studies, musical workshops with professionals, pro-excel and working with Gotta Dance.

My love for dance started as soon as I realised it was a way to show my emotions in a way that I couldn’t always talk about but through dance it’s so much easier and it gives dancers the opportunity to inspire others. Hence where the name of my dance school came from – Inspire.

Owning a dance school has taught me so much about the world for dance it has helped me build so many friendships and turn the dancers into your own.

I look forward to inspiring you through dance,



I offer Popdance Hen parties, Children’s parties, Toddlers parties, Wedding Dances and Popdance Fit Adult Dance Classes

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As well as Popdance, I offer Classes in: Inspire Mini’s: Under 9’s Contemporary: and Over 9 Freestyle: Over 9 – take a look at my website for more details on these