Meet the Team - Zefania Ezekiel - Dance Parties in Tanzania

Get dancing with Zefania, who is ready to run all your events and dance parties in Tanzania!

Hailing from a diverse background in dance, Zefania brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the dance community in Tanzania.


What’s your name and where are you in the world?

I’m Zefania Ezekiel but known as Zingo. I am a Tanzania professional dancer, choreographer teacher and also the founder of Waka Waka Dance Theatre

What kind of dance to you currently offer?

I currently offer Contemporary dance lyrical, African Dance , Afropop, Amapiano, Dancehall, Singeli, and sometimes I mix them all together!

What got you into dance? 

I choose dance at a young age, because it’s always in my mind and it’s my passion. I danced in the street for 8 years and then I went to Muda Africa Dance School in 2014. I got my Diploma in Contemporary and Traditional Dance, Teaching and Choreographic tools. I have 11 years experience in performing, teaching and choreography.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to watch movies, go to night clubs and visit my friends.

What do you love about the area you live and work in?

First in my City (Dar es salaam) you can live well even and people are very humble. Everyones cares about everyone. My class students come to enjoy the vibe and friendships.

Why did you want to work with Popdance?

I’m an artist and I always love to share my experience around the world and think this is perfect time to share with you Popdance!