Take Your Partner By The Hand…..

Dance partners

Ever thought of partnering with someone to promote your dance school/classes/parties/events?

Not just in terms of running things together, but in terms of joint promoting.

They may be offering something completely different to you, yet something your customers may be interested in.

For instance, the local swimming pool, the children who attend your classes would benefit from being offered a free swim session, or discounted free sessions surely?

And what about the local salon, would the adults/parents of the children that attend your classes, benefit from a discounted manicure, or introductory rate at the local salon, courtesy of you?

And, would you benefit from that local salon, offering their customers a free dance class with you?

You will be getting yourself in front of people you may not have been able to reach before AND you are offering something that you know is going to be of interest and use to them.  Even if people do not take you up on the offer, it’s getting your name and services in front of the right people.

Look around you – what kind of companies in your area are working with your ideal audience? Hairdressers, salons, swimming pools, football clubs (not trying to stereotype, but most football clubs have more boys than girls, why not team up and offer a free session to the players and their siblings) and vice versa, they can offer free football sessions to your customers and their families.

FREE VOUCHERHow about a free coffee at the local coffee shop?  There are tons and tons of companies to work with AND it’s a win win situation for both parties.  You get to put your name and services in front of their customers, and they get to do the same with your customers.  Any company can see that this is beneficial to them to work with you.

Plus, if you take the offer on a monthly basis and feature on social media too, it’s even more publicity.

You could even run a competition such as “We’ve teamed up with Eve and Adam Day Spa to offer one lucky winner a spa treatment of their choice – simply ‘like’ our facebook page and theirs for a chance to win”.  This goes out to your database, their database, you get an increase in “likes” from the right audience, there’s a buzz on social media – the list goes on.

And you could do a different “offer/discount” each month.  This also gives you valuable offers to talk about in your monthly newsletters to your customers and helps you to grow your database, e.g. “sign up to receive our monthly news, offers and events and be in with a chance to win a spa treatment of your choice at Eve and Adam Day Spa”.

So, take your partner by the hand and go for it!

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