Dance Teachers Marketing Tips

marketing tips for dance teachersIt’s always good to keep in touch and in this day and age, it’s even easier to do so.

So, do you make it easy for your customers and potential customers to keep in touch with you?

If they visit your website – do they just have a nosey and leave – or do you give them anything of value to encourage them to return?

Data capture is vital to your business/classes/school.

It’s the lifeblood of communication and forming relationships.


Giving that visitor a great experience on your website

Making them feel that they are wanted and welcome there

Make them feel that they are extremely important to you

Giving them something of value to take away with them


That’s where creativity comes in.  What can you give your customers and potential customers of value that is not going to cost you tons of money?

It could be as simple as a FREE CLASS VOUCHER to new clients, offering a taster of your classes to see if they like it

or TOP TIPS WHEN CHOOSING A BIRTHDAY PARTY, a useful piece of information that is of value to many parents


Yes, it may take a few minutes of your time to write them each week, but not only does it give your customers value, but it gives your website fresh content too (which all helps with search engines), shows you care and are also knowledgeable as well as professional in your area of expertise.

So, why not give it a try – and don’t forget to include a sign up form on your site – i.e. FREE WEEKLY TIPS OF HOW TO KEEP THE FAMILY ACTIVE AND HEALTHY – sign up here and download our first simple, easy to implement tip and get your family healthy the fun way!

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