Dance Teachers - We Feel Your Pain!

Most dance teachers, as we understand it, get into dance because of their extreme passion for it!

We don’t think we’ve ever heard of any dance teacher who said they were in it for the money ;)

And, unusually, we hear that dance teachers don’t expect to make money from dance – they expect to lose money :(


How does that happen?


We feel your pain.


Having chatted to quite a few of you, seen facebook posts, tweets, ran surveys and met lots of amazing dance teachers over the past 14 years – we have heard the following:


  • I never get to see my family and friends as I work unsociable hours

  • I worry about getting enough bums on seats to cover the venue hire

  • I have no idea how to market my classes – that part doesn’t really interest me

  • I spend a lot of time in the car going to and from various classes

  • I spend tons of unpaid time choreographing and preparing for my classes

  • I worry about school holidays as most of my dance work is term time only

  • I’m scared to be ill as I have no-one to cover me

  • Sometimes it’s lonely teaching on your own

  • I hate all the paperwork side of things and the late payers

  • It’s hard juggling all the elements of running my dance classes, invoices, health and safety, keeping everyone happy

  • I sometimes works for 5-7 difference dance companies to try and make ends meet


And we hear about the things you would love:

  • I would love to feel like a valued member of a team – that my opinion mattered

  • I would love to give my creative input into choreography and get paid for it

  • I would love to turn up and teach and know I am being paid well for it

  • I would love to learn how to get bums on seats to my classes and camps and make a great profit

  • I would love to know that I can get cover if I am ill or on holiday

  • I would love to earn money during school holidays

  • I would love to spend more time with my family

  • I would love to work more sociable hours

  • I would love to work for just a couple of companies or just for myself

  • I would love to have time to do what I want to do


So these are simply what we’ve seen and heard, but we would LOVE to know what you would LOVE and also what pains you.  Take our quick 8 question survey HERE – and you could win a month’s FREE Premium Popdance membership!