Dance your troubles awayDance can be a fantastic stress buster. Recent studies have shown it to be effective in improving conditions such as insomnia, brain function and tiredness, which often lead to stress and worry.

As a method of exercise, its a fun, energizing and effective way to reduce anxiety and stress. The endorphins released during exercise make you feel good mentally and exercising and stretching muscles relieves the tension in your body physically, meaning overall your body can feel de-stressed.

Dancing to a fast, upbeat rhythm can be a great way to release stress actively, dancing out any aggression or emotion. Equally dancing to a slower, lyrical piece of music can help you feel calm and relaxed, helping with anxiety. The music used during a dance class is of great importance as it can allow you to lose yourself, removing your thoughts from whatever’s going on in your life. There are no restraints and therefore you are giving your body and mind freedom.

Most importantly dance is for everyone, no matter what your age or ability. Whether you want to dance for fun or for exercise, it can make you feel good and forget about normal life. It can be just an hour to yourself to feel like your a child again or it can be several sessions a week to improve your fitness, either way dancing can help your life become less stressed.

Written by Lianne Cloot-Holt – Popdance Creative Director