Get involved!  

Dance Your Street!  Strike a Pose!

Promote your business/school/group too!

Simply “Dance Your Street”,  or “strike a pose” in a photo and share on facebook/twitter/youtube, donate £3 to Alzheimer’s Society and nominate a friend/business/shop to do the same.

TEXT “DMYS99 £3″ TO 70070 to donate £3

You can download the free app “Video Star” for a cool way to show your moves – or simply shoot a static shot on your phone

It’s Simple!

It’s also a fantastic way to promote your business/school/group/dance class by dancing past your office/school/scout hut, or dressed in your business suit/school uniform/as a banana – or a simple photo

Check it out on twitter and facebook now #dancemystreet

Here’s our own #DanceMyStreet with the fabulous Arlene Phillips:

You don’t have to be a dancer to #dancemystreet – we want to get the world dancing and posing – now’s your chance!

Step 1:   Film on your phone or tablet as you “Dance My Street” – or “Strike a Pose” and take a shot on your phone

Step 2:   Share on facebook/twitter/youtube using the hashtag #dancemystreet

Step 3:   Text DMYS99 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 to Alzheimer’s Society

Step 4:   Screen shot your donation (if you want to) and nominate 3 friends/businesses/shops to do the same

Step 5:   Post your #dancemystreet dance or pose on the #dancemystreet facebook page HERE so we can see them all

Why not #dancemystreet to some famous landmarks or in fancy dress, or in a group, or dance on your own through a crowded shopping centre, or take a selfie or photo of your friends striking a pose –  let’s have some fun with it!

You can submit as many “dancemystreet’s” as you want to.  So if you have a particular promotion or event going on – why not dance your street to promote it?!

Find out more about the amazing Alzheimer’s Society HERE

Or simply donate via www.justgiving.com/dancemystreet

Click HERE TO SEE THE WINNING VIDEO as chosen by Arlene for June 2014 – it’s Amelia’s “jumping on a trampoline” – Congratulations Amelia, you’ve won the fantastic Pineapple prize kindly donated by Debbie Moore and the Pineapple Team – Enjoy.   Send us your videos – they can be 30 seconds long, epics or simply a dance pose photo – we want to see them!  And it will make a MASSIVE difference to Alzheimer’s Society – text DMYS99 £3 to 70070 to donate £3 to an amazing cause – and most of all – enjoy!

“I want everyone to take a moment to do some good both for themselves and to help others. All it takes is a
moment of your time to experience the joy of dancing down your street to raise money for those experiencing Dementia. It’s so easy – just text in to make your donation your money will help so much! I’m dancing down my street, please dance down yours!” – Arlene Phillips 

“We are thrilled that Arlene wanted to head up this campaign with Popdance – we can’t wait to see you all dancing your streets, promoting your businesses/clubs/events and raising tons of money for Alzheimer’s Society” – Sue Wybrow – Chief Legwarmer Wearer, Popdance

“By joining #dancemystreet people will be playing an important part in raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Society so that we can continue the fightagainst dementia. There are 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK and 1 in 3 of us over the age of 65 will develop this incurable disease. So it’s vital that we do what we can to raise funds to support and care for those living with dementia and also fund research that hopefully will one day find a cure

Sue and Arlene’s enthusiasm for this project is limitless and like them I can’t wait to see how far we can reach – so come on get out your dancing shoes and join in” – Jenny-Louise Dale, Alzheimer’s Society


Take a look at some of the #dancemystreet’s so far:

The brilliant Popdance St Albans with Georgie Roseblade – book Georgie’s class HERE – https://popdance.co.uk/dance-classes/st-albans-4/

The fantastic My Mustard – www.mymustard.co.uk

Here is the amazing Atlas Translations https://www.atlas-translations.co.uk/

and St Albans Dive Club – www.sasac.co.uk/

and the 2nd Croxley Green Guides – 

and Popdance Watford – https://popdance.co.uk/dance-classes/watford/


Dance My Street at Legoland – www.legoland.co.uk

Here’s the sassy B Burlesque – www.bburlesque.com

Check out Fab ‪#‎DanceMyStreet‬ from @ColeKitchenn using app Just Dance TV – CLICK HERE – www.colekitchenn.com

And here’s the Gozo Girls:

and Highview Lodge Day Centre:


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