Do These 3 Simple Things This Weekend and You Will Increase Your Class Numbers

Most things don’t happen overnight – we do little things to help our businesses and dance classes grow.

We build reputations, we work hard to provide the best service we possibly can, we create a brand that people know, like and trust.

However, here are 3 simple things you can do THIS WEEKEND to increase numbers in your dance classes – go on, have a go:




Post regularly1. Email your database and tell them the benefits of attending your class!

Bit of an obvious one – but we can’t tell you how many people are not communicating with their customers and potential customers and are just presuming that they know about their classes!

If you don’t have a database, we strongly recommend you start one – whether it be contact information on a spreadsheet, or putting a mailchimp or constant contact one in place. It is absolutely invaluable to the success of your dance classes.

Think about what you are saying in that email – give it some real thought – emails saying “come to our dance class on Saturday at 10am” just don’t cut it anymore – why should people come to your dance class? What’s in it for them? Is it going to get their kids active? Happy?

Think of your email as a movie trailer – make it exciting, leaving the reader wanting more :)




communication is key2. Get chatting in facebook groups

We say “get chatting” – we didn’t say “post your classes in facebook groups”.  Social media is about being “sociable”.  More and more people are what we call “link dumping”, or posting salesey pieces, which people absolutely hate.

Engage with the group, ask questions, ask for advice. One of the best posts we saw getting a great response was someone asking what kind of dance class children in the area wanted.  That simple!

For your already established classes, perhaps ask if parents knew it existed, or if they know what the class offers.

Or, if you would like to offer a bit more information about your classes, introduce yourself to the group – something along the lines of “Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to the group and find out a bit more about you all too” etc.

Be Sociable ;)




support for dance teachers3. Ask your customers, friends and family to recommend you!

Recommendations are amazing!  And, you will find that most people are more than happy to recommend you if they love what you do, and that they had just never thought of asking their friend, or the mums from school to come along to your class.

What’s the saying? “Don’t Ask – Don’t Get” – well we totally recommend asking!




So, go for it!  These 3 things will take you no time at all and can make a real difference to your class numbers.  Let us know how you get on.


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Meanwhile, have a fantastic week!

Sue and The Popdance Team