Do You Have Cover In The Holidays?


Summer Holidays and dance teachersSo the sun is starting to come out a bit more.

Spring is in the air.

Holidays are upon us and Summer holidays are fast approaching.

So how does this affect you as a dance teacher?

Do you worry that all your term time work stops?

Do you have summer holiday work?

And if so, who covers your work whilst you go on holiday?



It’s a busy old time being a dance teacher, and forward planning always really helps. Getting a support team around you is very important. Especially for unexpected days that you cannot work, illness, family commitments etc. Who will step in at the last minute?




support for dance teachersAt Popdance, we like to have back ups in place for our teachers – so that if our teachers are ill, they don’t have to drag themselves out of bed and teach with their noses streaming – who wants to be taught by a contagious teacher? ;)


Plus we are there for our teachers – they can give us a call or ask other teachers in our facebook group if they can step in.

Building a community of support is invaluable in all walks of life.




Time managementSo there we have it, plan ahead, get cover teachers in place, so that you can jet off into the sunset and enjoy yourself!

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Have a fantastic week