Check out our Easy Peasy Ways to get more customers in your dance & fitness classes

easy peasy ways to get more customers

Sometimes it feels relentless, especially with adult dance & fitness classes, retaining adults can sometimes prove difficult.  Check out our Easy Peasy ways to get more customers coming back for more!






Periscope for dance teachers and fitness instructors Create a poster or flyer in – something eyecatching, consistent with your company colours and branding, simple and effective.



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Share that poster/flyer on facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter – use hashtag #dance #fitness #yourlocation




support for dance teachers


Send that poster/flyer to all your friends and ask them to circulate to their friends and print out and pin up on any noticeboards in the area




easy peasy ways to get more customers



Ask local coffee shops, libraries, hairdressers to put the poster up




get stuck into twitter


Tweet to local “what’s on” people, i.e. whatsonstalbans and ask if they would RT (retweet) for you




Post regularly


Email the poster/flyer to your database of customers and potential customers – if you don’t yet have a database, start one now – mailchimp is a great place to start



After school clubs


If you are running classes for children, contact local nurseries and schools and ask if they will feature your classes/events on their website/in their newsletter



how to make a good living through dance Go for some funding! Have you thought about applying for funding via bodies such as Sportivate? Sportivate are especially keen to support 14-25 year olds to get active – check out their website – contact your local council and speak to the sports team as to how they can help



support for dance teachers Get busy online – check out where others are featuring their classes and events and see where you can feature yours. Places like netmums, whatson and get active website are all usually free to feature – list your classes and events everywhere that you can



support for dance teachers Start blogging – write about why dance and fitness is good for you, the benefits, how it makes you feel, why your classes are amazing – it all helps with seo (search engine optimisation and being found on google) so make sure you get your keywords in there, i.e. dance classes in Hertfordshire for instance. Blogging also gives you valuable material to email out to your database that you’ve built ;)



FREE VOUCHER Introduce loyalty cards – we all love a treat, so why not create some loyalty cards – especially for your adult customers – buy 5 classes and get 1 free etc. And for the kids, we have stickers to collect – collect all 8 stickers and get a Pop-It’s badge (again, there are 8 badges to collect)



Love to dance Value your customers – when was the last time you sent them a thank you email? Perhaps it’s time to send out an email thanking them for joining you and let them know what you have in store for them in the next term -i.e. “Thanks for Popdancing with us – we have some cracking routines coming up for you, we have MJ’s Thriller for Halloween, it’s going to be great fun – why not bring a friend to learn the routine with you? We have a 2 for 1 offer coming your way on your friend’s first class” etc.



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Ask your customers what they want – perhaps send out a short survey (surveymonkey) or ask them if there are any favourites they want to do next term





We value all feedback – so do let us know if you found these tips useful – or if there is anything you would like to know more about – [email protected]

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