Facebook and Dance Teachers

Facebook was quite a topic of conversation when I was chatting to a few people this week.

Are you “friends”with your customers?  Do they have access to all your personal photographs?  Do you want to be “friends” with them or would you rather not but feel obliged to do so?

I often get friend requests from people that I’ve met in business and also many dance teachers – however, I don’t really want to share photographs of my children or what I did on my holiday with them, not initially anyway.

So, how do you avoid offending anyone without “friending” them?

Why not set up a company facebook page, or even simpler still, set up a “Group”.  You could call it Popdance-St Albans for instance and then invite people to join you there.  This then avoids the tricky situation of saying no to somebody yet enables them to keep in contact with you but from a less personal point of view.

Groups are really easy to set up :

Simply log into your facebook profile

Click on “Home”

On the left hand column, you will see Favourites, Pages and Groups

Take your cursor near to groups and you will see that “more” comes up – click on that and at the top it says + Create Group – simples!

You can then invite people via email, or via facebook if they are already personal friends of yours, to join the group.  You can make the group private, so only approved people can join, or you can make it an open group – this also helps with being found on google and facebook – especially if your group name is something like Popdance – Dance Classes in St Albans.

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