Join us and thousands across the country to come together to raise money for Comic Relief!

We understand that a lot of schools really want to support Comic Relief this year, but due to the current situation, have not been able to.
We thought this would be a great way to:
– bring the school together (teachers, students and families)
– give everyone the “feel good factor”
– get people dancing (which is incredible for physical and mental health)
– raise money for Comic Relief (whatever people can afford to donate – we know it’s been a tough year)
– learn a fun 1-minute dance routine to the feel good track that is Footloose!
Teachers could also use the routine in PE time to teach the students.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Learn the 1 minute Footloose Fever dance routine as demonstrated and taught by our Creative Director, Rachel

You can do this on your own, or with friends via zoom, or with your family

One of our Popdance Partners, Angie from Angies Dance Academy demonstrates a seated version and a low impact and SEND version of the Footloose Fever routine – thanks, Angie!



Step 2:

Donate whatever you can to Comic Relief via the Donate Here button or the QR code – every single penny counts, so no matter what size of donation, you really are making a difference

Make sure you use this donation link so that we can see how much we are all raising together

Step 3:

If you’d like to join us for a mass Footloose Fever dance off with other people across the country on Thursday 18th March at 7pm – book your place on zoom here – places are limited so book now

Step 4:

Nominate 3 friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, customers, schools, colleges, businesses to take part – every single penny makes a huge difference-  share this link with them for all the info