Do you think that you maximise your sales opportunities within your dance classes or dance school?

It’s been said time and time again that McDonalds are fantastic for “upselling” to their customers in a way that doesn’t seem like selling.

“Would you like fries with that?”

Do you ask your customers if they would like “fries with that”?

Marketing tips for dance teachersFor instance, if a customer is booking a birthday party with you – do you offer them any additions to the standard party package?  Party bags?  Balloons?  A gift for the birthday boy or girl?

Obviously, the “fries” need to be of added value if you are charging an additional price for them.  Another example is if you offer dance clothing or footwear to your customers – do they know that you offer this?   How easy is it for them to purchase from you?

Perhaps, if you are offering a block of dance classes, you could simply offer the “fries” as a T-shirt or a branded bag – “would you like a Popdance bag with that?” or perhaps incorporate the bag price into the block of dance classes and simply say “Did you know that you get a Popdance bag with that?” – happy customer and happy customer who advertises your dance classes or dance school when using that bag.  Our Popdance bags cost just £3.50 for our teachers to buy – now £3.50 has gotta be an amazing “fries” offer!

So next time you are working on your website, your next block of classes, tweeting or facebooking – it’s worth asking yourself  “would you like fries with that?”

If you are a Popdance Teacher, you can find lots of “fries” in the POPShop.

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