Making Life Easier with Google Documents for Dance Teachers

google docs for dance teachers

With so many things to juggle as a dance teacher, google documents aka googledocs makes life so much easier.

Especially if you are working with a team and want to give your staff/customers/assistants access to certain files that they can read and/or edit.

And, it’s FREE!  We do love a freebie! ;)

With documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides it also enables you to access your files from anywhere in the world.  Work on the go, grab the information you need when you need it, view from your phone!

Simply share with who you want to share the information with – and set access to the level you want – i.e. read only access, or enable certain viewers to edit the file.  At Popdance, we use google spreadsheets to share with our teachers who are running classes with us – they can see all the information on the Popdancers in their class including any medical conditions, emergency contact details etc. and they simply mark in the Popdancer’s attendance so that we can keep up with how that class is going, and our teachers have full, up to the minute information on who to expect in their classes.

We also have information that our teachers can download and use via google share, such as downloads of how to take Popdance into schools, how Popdance works with the National Curriculum etc.

Give it a go – it’s free!

Let us know if you found this tip useful.  We love feedback ;)  Email [email protected]

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