Growing Through Dance Podcast - hosted by Katherine-Lucy Bates

As a lifelong dancer, teacher, arts educationist and facilitator of dance, I passionately believe that dance is for everyone, a natural reaction to being as the ability to form movement and express yourself is in all our bodies from birth. We can all harness our personal dance ability to enable and lead our unique dance journeys. 

This week I spent a lovely hour in the company of Sue Wybrow discussing how dance has influenced and interacted in her life.

Growing through Dance podcast explores the way dance interacts with life.

The “Growing Through Dance” Podcast features advice, views and anecdotes from a continuum that ranges from the local grass roots movers up to the dance world professionals. Every dance parent and would-be dancer can make use of the dance world’s insights, life and social skills, confidence building and evolving lifelong friendships. Hosted by dance teacher and professional dance educationalist, Katherine-Lucy Bates MA, the podcast stems from her lifelong experience as a dancer, teacher, tutor and facilitator, and her passionate belief that everyone benefits in multiple ways from dance and movement in their life. This podcast is for everyone who is interested in watching or taking part in dance. 

The ethos of my podcast is that dance is for everyone and in one way or another dance touches and interacts with everyone’s life. This season, I am concentrating on showing the connection dance has to life for students I have taught over the last 25 years, at my own dance school CCDA (Cirencester Creative Dance Academy) as well as 17 years spent teaching on a vocational performing arts course. The Alumni of current professionals, as well as ex pupils who work as doctors, lawyers, mums, business women, PTs, etc. We are going to delve deeply into the dance journey with each episode dealing with a different aspect related to dance. You will see how dance can benefit yourselves and your children. You will hear the views of three musical theatre professionals, a singer song writer, a Danish composer, two dance coaches, a dance business brand founder and an international ballet master, a GP, a lawyer and a period activist among others. The podcast has listeners in 20 countries and over 30 five-star reviews from 5 episodes.

The Instagram account is @growingthroughdancepod  (if you would like to give it a follow.)

My guests will have their own perspective on how dance has helped them develop and grow into the person they currently are. If you have something to share, get involved email me to discuss being on the podcast.

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Look out for Sue’s episode, later in the Spring 2021, she had a great story full of interest and shared some nuggets of inspiration.