Social Media Management for Dance Teachers

So, are you using social media in your dance business?  Whether you run 1 class a week or run a busy dance school, social media can make a massive difference to your business.

Yet, with so many social media platforms to choose from, how do you keep up with them all?  How do you ensure you are active enough in them without spending all of your time on them?

Ta Dah!  Hootsuite comes to the rescue!

Not only does Hootsuite allow you to manage many different platforms in one place, but it also enables you to schedule and plan in your tweets and posts.  Plus you can keep up with Linked In there too!  So, you can plan your social media activity well in advance, or, if you know you are going to be busy for the next couple of days, you can pre-schedule it all – yay!  Plus, if you are running a promotion, or have a show coming up – you can programme all the activity around that beforehand – simples.

The other AMAZING thing about Hootsuite is being able to see – at a glance – what people are saying about things that interest you – so for instance, what they are saying about dance, about your company, about the kind of birthday parties they are looking for, asking for recommendations for dance classes, what kind of music they like, the list goes on.  So how do you do this?

You can set up “streams” in Hootsuite – with search titles such as “Popdance”, “birthday parties”, “dance in St. Albans” – so that you can see clearly and simply all the conversations going on regarding the topics you are interested in.  Take a look at our layout here:

We have our home feed, so we can see all the people that we follow and what is going on.

We have our mentions feed, so can see everytime @PopdanceUK is mentioned anywhere,

We have our direct message feed, so we can see when some sends us a direct message.

We have a stream called “Popdance” that shows us any tweet that includes the word Popdance.  So we can keep up with what people are saying about us and anything to do with Popdance.

We have a stream that searches for any tweets that include “birthday parties”, “dance classes” and “dance parties” – so that we can join in the conversations about them and see what people are looking for.

We have a stream that features dancers that we have met via twitter.

We have a stream of “useful contacts” which are things like leisure centres, party organisers, and companies that we would like to work with.

We have a stream of our Popdance Teachers that are on twitter, so that we can retweet their tweets and help them to promote their classes, parties and events.

Hootsuite for Dance Teachers

So, tons you can do with social media and tons you can do with them all in one place via Hootsuite.  Why not give it a go – it’s FREE to use.  Go to www.hootsuite.com and get started.

We have more information on how to use Hootsuite to promote your dance classes, parties and events in our Popdance Online Programme – if you are interested in becoming a Popdance Teacher or would like to be offered paid work opportunities with Popdance, please email your cv to [email protected] – it doesn’t have to be war and peace, simply detail your dance teaching qualifications and experience.

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Happy Popdancing!

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