How Often Should You Post?

how often should you post

Is this the $64,000 question?

We’ve found that consistency, frequency and content are the key to successful posting on twitter and facebook.

One tweet per day is not going to make much of an impact!

Hey, most people are following a fair few twitter accounts, and they check in to twitter, or whatever social media management platform they are using, perhaps a few times during the day, so your 1 tweet is not going to have much of an impact.

We post on average 8 tweets per day.  In fact, we schedule our tweets for the day, or week, depending on whether we are in the office, or out at meetings etc. and then dip in perhaps twice a day to check on mentions, to join in conversations, and to inject anything we think is poignant at that time.

We also pace our tweets – so we don’t tweet 8 tweets in one go – people get fed up if all they can see are twitter posts from you – that you are trying to say everything at once!  Take your time!  You wouldn’t bombard someone you met face to face with your rapid fire sentences, so think of twitter along the same lines ;)

We like to spread our tweets out – perhaps with posting throughout the day at times such as

7.30amhow often should you post








And think which message works best at which time, i.e. when we want to reach dance teachers, we go for early mornings, lunchtimes, or later in the evenings bearing in mind that a lot of teachers are teaching during the morning, the afternoons and early evenings – when are they likely to be checking their twitter stream?

If we want to reach parents – tweet after the school run – not at tea time ;)

And if we are “chatting” to companies we may partner with, or gyms etc. – during the working day works best.

But we also need to think of what we are tweeting!  It’s can’t be all Me, Me, Me!

Limit your “look at me, look at what I’m doing” to a minimum.  We all want to shout about how fab we are, what a great service we are providing and how fantastic it is to work with us, however, no-one likes a salesman – sorry sales peeps! ;)

The “soft” sales, the connecting with people, the building of relationships is the best way to “sell” ever!

And what’s even better is chatting with your customers, potential customers, companies, people – and you will find that they become advocates of your business.

We’ve made amazing friends on twitter – from coffee shops that we’ve been in and tweeted how much we love their custard tarts, to jewellery makers, to gyms, to holiday parks, to bloggers, to cinemas. Sharing your experiences, personality and what you are up to (the old cheese sarnie for lunch), lets people know a bit more about you, what you are like, what your personality is like and also shows that you are a sharing person – helping other people and not just blowing your own trumpet.

So, our schedule of tweets usually looks something like this:

7.30am – Morning world!  The sun is shining and the birds are singing – how is it where you are? (getting a conversation going)

9.30am – Wishing all our Popdance birthday peeps amazing parties this weekend – (note the link to more info on parties on our website – shrunken link)

11.15am – Any custard tarts knocking about @Abstarv – it’s nearly lunchtime ;) (this is a fab coffee shop we popped into in London – they now Retweet tons of things for us ;) )

1.45pm – What’s on the timetable for this weekend @everyoneactive? (again Everyone Active RT lots of things for us)

2.40pm – #DanceTeachers – Want paid work opportunities? Take a look here:

5.00pm – Taylor Swift or Jessie J? (starting a conversation, getting people to interact)

7.30pm – Why is dancing good for mums? (sharing information that we think will be of interest to our followers)

9.00pm – Seen Frozen do Thriller? (a bit of fun that relates to what we do as a business)

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 22.38.52And facebook?  People would go a bit crazy if you posted too much on facebook – we post at least once a day but it’s on the “to do” list to schedule posts around twice a day.  Perhaps morning and afternoon.

Again, make it fun, interesting, have a point, giving over the company’s personality – for us it’s all about fun, energy, friendly, active, caring, sharing, useful and engaging our “followers” in the posts and encouraging them to get involved in the conversation.

We hope you’ve found this useful – we would love to know how you post and how you feel you get on – please email [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

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