How To Give Your Dance Classes A New Year Kick-Start

Happy New Year!


How was it for you?


Christmas is a fab time for letting your hair down, relaxing and enjoying being with family and friends.  And now is a fantastic time to give your dance classes a New Year kick-start.

Why not try a few of the following?


  • Add your classes to Netmums in both the activities and noticeboard areas – make your post beneficial to readers, i.e. get fit and active with us – dancing not only tones you up, but it great fun too.


  • Add a hashtag into your tweets, i.e. #fit #dance #healthy – this enables your tweets to appear in searches when people are looking for tweets about a certain subject.


  • Create a New Year Offer – i.e. come and try Popdance for FREE – first class to all new Popdancers is FREE – come and have a go – or bring a friend to Popdance and you and your friend get the first class free.


  • Write an article on why dancing is amazing for your body and mind – tie it into New Year resolutions and feature it on your website, send to your local newspaper/family magazine, submit to websites that are about being healthy or family websites etc.


  • List all the benefits of dancing on your facebook page – or perhaps list one per day, i.e. dancing makes you happy due to the release of endorphins – get happy with Popdance at one of our many classes across the globe.


  • Email your customers and potential customers with information about getting fit and active in 2019 – we’ve found that charging for blocks of classes (even for adults), especially at this time of year, works really well – set up a payment button on your website (this can be done very easily via paypal), or if you don’t have a website, the payment link can still be used in the email.


  • Run a dance session for charity – invite everyone and their friends and family and charge a couple of pounds which goes to your chosen charity – it’s great fun, great for the charity and great publicity for your classes AND it gives people a chance to get involved and see what it’s all about.


  • Spread the word in as many places as you can – from good old fashioned posters in venues where your customers and potential customers are (including the venue where you hold your classes), to asking friends and family to spread the word, to social media, press, email marketing – think of all the places you can spread the word, but remember to make it friendly and not “salesy” – what’s the benefit to people coming to your classes – what’s in it for THEM!


So, even if you just pick one of the above to do this January – it all makes a difference!

Let us know how you get on.

If you would like to know more about working with Popdance take a look here

Enjoy!  Here’s to an amazing 2019!