How Important Is Business Within Dance?

How important is business in dance?

Well, it really depends on what you want to get out of it but we would expect that business is important in all aspects of dance.

Whether you are teaching for a company or on behalf of somebody else, or if you are running your own dance business or dance performances, there is always a business element to it.

However, dance can also be completely for fun – no business element required – dancing in your kitchen, dancing at a party – no business acument needed ;)

But for dance teachers?  Most dance teachers teach because they are passionate about dance.  They want to pass that passion and skill on to others and enjoy seeing the development of their pupils. Watching them grow over time and seeing how they improve, how they enjoy dance, is a very satisfying thing to see. But, money generally does need to come into it. We all have a living to make and a lot of dance teachers fail to see the business side to it.

How does the venue hire rate get covered? Who pays the dance teacher to teach? Who markets the class? Who handles all the registers and admin? All these things take time and money, and, if you get it right from the start, it makes a huge difference. Every penny counts!

It’s a bit like when you first move out from living with your parents – perhaps your parents sat you down and listed all the things you would have to pay for.  Council tax, rates, phone bill, heating, electricity – how many of us took these costs into consideration whilst living at home?

The same goes for running your own dance business – or even running just one class – everything has to be considered – venue hire, PLI, DBS, Health & Safety cover, First Aid Training, marketing, time to spend on marketing and registers, communicating with your customers, lesson plans, music……

Dance is an amazing business!  Don’t lose your passion, drive, determination and love for dance – but do get a passion for business too! There is a world of opportunity out there for amazing dance teachers – go grab it!

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