and something evils lurking in the dark! Der, der, der, der!


Yes, we know it’s still summer but October is going to be here before we know it!

So, how do you feel about running Halloween camps, workshops or classes? Now’s the time to start thinking about it.

Halloween (and Christmas) camps are extremely popular so we have in our diary to start marketing them as soon as the school summer holidays are over. So that means:

  • sorting venue
  • sorting price
  • sorting content of workshop/camp
  • where to market
  • getting flyer done

Feel free to ask about camps, workshops and classes in the Popdance Area Manager group, or email us at [email protected] – and don’t forget to check out the Halloween choreography and downloads in resources – there are Halloween Activity Sheets you can download and use too.


You may also want to try out a ThrillerAThon!  Great fun and fantastic publicity for your classes – give us a shout for more details.


Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (too many’s ha’s?)