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JELLY - business networking in St Albans

Jelly business networking in St Albans

 is a Jelly?

A Jelly is an event where people bring their laptops and come to work in a central venue.  It’s taken place in over a hundred cities where people have come together (in a person’s home, a coffee shop, or an office) to work for the day.

Why a Jelly?

Jelly started in NYC in February of 2006 when roommates realized that they loved working from home, but they missed the creative brainstorming, sharing, and camaraderie of a traditional office.

So they started inviting friends to work from their home one day a week. They soon found that working in close proximity to new and interesting people resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations.

Emboldened by their early success, they made it a more regular thing. Jelly was born.

Who can come to a Jelly?


We tend to run Jellies for businesses in the local area – but everyone is welcome.

When is the next one?

Head to the St Albans Businesses website to find out full details on the jelly
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