Birthday Parties in Jedda

My name is Abdulmajeed known as Jooda. I’m live in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. I’m a Saudi of African descent .

I’ve been a dancer for 27 Years, originally established in Hip-hop and Popping Dance, then I learned different kinds of dances like house and African. In 2009 I began work as a dance Teacher and choreographer.

In 2014 I started by studies about human body movements, shape and rhythm, then I have created my own dance style named J Flick and I’m working hard to develop my style and learn new dance styles.

I got a diploma in dance education from APTTI as well as a certificate from IDTS for dance education, and I’m working hard to develop my abilities in dance education. I aspire to obtain a BA degree in dance education.

I believe that dancing is a great art and an important part related to human life and it is linked in an important way to human health and happiness, therefore I always strive to develop myself and everyone around me in the practice of dancing.

I spend most of my time developing my dance, studying movement art, meditating on the movements and rhythms of bodies, and how to master the movement of each part and every muscle within the body with beautiful and harmonious rhythms and shapes.

I am very happy and proud to be working with Popdance and their team of dance teachers around the world and I’m looking forward to offering Popdance birthday parties and workshops in Jeddah City.

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