Keeping active during the winter months

rachelchristmasAs the summer draws to a close and the autumnal weather rolls in, getting up and active gets harder. With the evenings getting darker, the sofa looks more inviting and the motivation to exercise becomes less and less appealing. But just because you’ve packed your bikini away doesn’t mean you should stop your routine!

During the winter months we tend to eat more; it’s colder, the festive season is upon us and we spend more time indoors getting cosy. Don’t forget your goals! Dance class is an indoor activity where you work and meet with others as part of a team, whilst getting fit and keeping active. Having a boogie to some of your favourite tracks with friends and in a group doesn’t feel like exercise and will warm you up on those cold winter nights.

Motivating yourself to leave the house is the hardest bit so take a friend, and get into the right mindset, helping each other. Music during a dance class makes you feel good and you’ll feel a lot better for getting off that sofa.

There’s bound to be lots of Christmas parties bringing lots of food and lots of drink so set yourself a target so you can wear that party dress and enjoy yourself.

No excuses !

By Lianne Cloot – Creative Director – Popdance

What do you do to stay active and motivated? We would love to hear from you!