Dance Birthday Parties in Newhaven, East Sussex

I started at Jean Cantelle in Newhaven dance studio way back in the 70’s doing freestlye disco, ballroom and Latin and taught there for a bit until I was 17. I have a lot to thank Jean for.

I also went to Rosemary Jane in Seaford and did ballet, tap and modern. I lived for dancing.

At 20 I worked for Haven holidays as a dancer and then lived up in Newcastle, I was a cheerleader for the O2 arena for basketball and ice hockey and a dancer for Metro FM radio for Alan Shearer’s signing, and openings of venues. I was also a club dancer and qualified as an aerobics instructor working all over the North East.

I went back to Haven as head girl dancer and learnt production shows to teach and perform.

I started as a singer for resident bands and would perform cabaret in one venue as a dancer and rush over to do the second band set as well as teach fitness in the mornings. I choreographed, taught and performed in the summer and toured with a showband around the UK in the winter doing clubs, theatres, army barracks you name it.

I danced and auditioned other dancers for cabaret showbands until I was 33.

I also became a singer with my own PA and sang working men’s clubs, pubs, holiday parks and in different bands and I still do sometimes.

I started working for the NHS and passed my AMSPAR Medical Secretary course in 2014 but, I missed dancing terribly.

As I’d started successful dance classes in Devon and Cornwall I decided to start one in my home town of Newhaven and that’s when I came across POPDANCE.  

In 2019 I found out I had hypothyroidism and put on a lot of weight, I suffered with extreme tiredness and didn’t recognise myself and I’m not ashamed to say I struggled with depression, suddenly at 46 my body had changed and I had no energy.

I understand low mood and no motivation and then feeling guilty for that, the catch 22 where you eat because you’re low but you’re terrified of all your clothes because they are now 2 to 3 sizes too small for you.

I get it and I would never question why you haven’t come to class for a while it’s ok x

But just come to feel the music, get some “you” time and have a giggle sometimes. There is no pressure. Sometimes it just helps to get out of the house and you’ll be surprised how many women there feel exactly as you do. At least then you have burned off a few calories just by getting there.

Please feel welcome any time and know that there is no pressure. Have a jiggle and a giggle then go home and whack the kettle on.