how to make a good living through danceIt’s not about the money money money!

Well sometimes it has to be!  We all need to eat, right?

We are all so passionate about dance that sometimes we forget that we also need to earn money.

We build relationships with our customers to the point where it feels like one big happy family and then it feels odd talking about the money side of things.


Well, stop right there!  Here are some points to consider in order to make a very good living through dance:

1.  Do your customers know about everything that you offer?

Do they know that you run birthday parties?  Additional classes?  Workshops?  Clothing?  Merchandise?

How would they know that?  Do you have a website that features them?  how to make a good living through dance

When was the last time your customers looked at your website?  Do they have a need to look at your website on a regular basis?

At Popdance, our T-shirts and vests that our teachers wear feature all three of our logos, Popdance, Popdance Kids and Popdance Tots, along with the wording Classes Parties Events – Worldwide – which does an amazing job at cross-selling – informing our customers and potential customers of what we offer – not just in the local area but internationally too.

Plus we ensure we have our products in class, from water bottles to bags – if customers see them being used in class, then they are aware that they exist and that they can be purchased.  Perfect Chrimbo presents!


2. Work with others

how to make a good living through danceYou’ve heard the saying “Two heads are better than one”?  Well it’s very true.  One person can’t run around doing absolutely everything, that would be exhausting!

Do you find that your life is pretty fast paced?  That you are running from one class to another, changing T-shirts along the way?

Stop!  Take a deep breath and take a look at what you are doing.  Do you love it?  Or are you feeling shattered and wondering why you are not yet a millionnaire but working your socks off!

Have you thought about partnering up with other dance teachers?  Or working with the local authorities to bring dance to the area? There’s a massive demand for after school clubs too as well as getting teenagers and parents active.

The time is ripe for dance.  Not only with Strictly and such programmes, but with the government getting behind activities that encourage people of all ages to have a go.

We work with lots and lots of dance teachers!  There’s no way we would be able to do all that we do on our own!  Dance teachers are the backbone of our business and we value each and every one.

We know what it’s like to be running around, and we like to take the stress out of that.  We work with many different partners, from leisure centres, schools, hotels, party organisers, wedding planners, local authorities, holiday parks, the list is endless – all to bring dance teachers and work opportunities together.



 3.  Market, Market, Market

Whilst you are teaching at your classes, parties and events, who is doing your marketing?
how to make a good living through danceMarketing needs to be consistent.  Whether its a post on facebook, or an email out to customers, consistency is key!  It might feel like it’s making no impact, but marketing is all about building communications – all sorts of communications – some call it the “marketing mix” which means marketing in as many ways as possible, i.e. website, leaflets, t-shirts, social media, pr etc.

Never stop marketing!

Which leads us back to point 2 – if you are working with a partner or a venue or a local authority, joint marketing makes it even easier.

We run many joint marketing campaigns – and they work!  We get to put our name and services in front of people who we have never met before, who have an affinity with the company or person that we are working with, so they are more receptive than marketing to people who have never heard of us.

The power of marketing is amazing!


4. What fits with your lifestyle?

how to make a good living through dancePerhaps focus on what works best for you and your family/commitments.  Do you need to work all those evenings that you do?

Would running after school clubs instead be better for your family?

Or perhaps focusing on birthday parties and doing a couple each Saturday might work better.

Have you thought about registering with dance companies/dance recruitment websites for paid work opportunities?

We are always looking for amazing dance teachers and dance teachers can register for free on our website for paid work – we pay on average £25 per hour with all choreography and lesson plans provided

Dance Teachers are in demand, so make yourself visible to paid work opportunities in your area.


5. Love to Choreograph?

how to make a good living through danceDo you choreograph all your routines?  Have you ever thought about selling your choreography?

We work with dance teachers across the world and love the different choreography influences.

Our teachers are invited to choreograph for us, and they get paid for it – this not only is fantastic for our teachers in terms of them making a great living but also gives us fresh, different choreography for all of our teachers to use.

The choreography is checked, approved as suitable for Popdance use and filmed in the studio by our team before being added to our teacher website – it enables our team to have ongoing fresh, exciting, current and classic warm ups and routines to use.

Result all round!


These are just a few ideas – for more tips, support, help and to join a community of dance teachers – join us on facebook at Dance Teachers Community – open to all dance teachers – HERE

If you would like to register your details for paid work opportunities with us – you can do so, absolutely free – HERE

Happy dancing!  You are amazing!