Its not what you know!

We all know that dance classes are a fantastic way of meeting new people, making friends and socialising.

We encourage children to work together, learn how to communicate and get along together.
And that’s exactly what we do out of the classroom too. Who knows who you are going to meet next.

At Popdance, it’s all about working together. Whether you run ballet classes, Popdance classes, or a completely different business altogether. By working together, you will be amazed at the results.

Building relationships are key to the success of our business. How much better is it when someone else tells the world how amazing you are. It’s so much better than you blowing your own trumpet!

Forming relationships take time and, of course, it is a two way street.

Taking an interest in what other people are doing, engaging in conversations with them off line as well as online, via email, social media etc., will create advocates for your dance classes, parties and events. People will start to become your salesforce.

People like to help other people but they also like to know they are interesting to other people too!


  • Why not join in a conversation on twitter or facebook? Whether it is about dance or not. Our first conversation on twitter was in fact about Star Wars!
  • Next time you ask someone ‘how are you?’, stop and actually listen to them, show them that you do actually care how they are.
  • Retweet other people’s tweets. Whether it’s for another dance company, or something totally non related to you but it took your interest most people will take the time to thank you for your retweet and relationship start to build from there.

We meet amazing people and, have made fab friends too! Go on we dare you!

Let us know how you get on by emailing [email protected]

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