Meet BRiNA, one of our amazing Popdance teachers, BRiNA lives in Lyss (ZIP code 3250) in Switzerland and covers almost the whole of Switzerland!


As well as teaching Popdance parties and workshops, BRiNA also runs her own dance school, NYDS – New York Dance Studio and teaches Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afro, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Kizomba, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary!


BRiNA says that what she loves most about dance is, that you are never done. You can always learn something new, and you can always become better.

Besides dancing BRiNA loves being outside in the nature, cooking and her cats.



“The first time I began walking, was the first time I began dancing…” by Ciara
And so, it was for her…

BRiNA realized very quickly, that she was born as a dancer. She had this natural understanding of rhythm. The moment she listens to music, her body automatically starts moving. She never had to think about it.

Starting with Rock’n’Roll she went through a lot of different dance styles. But her heart beats in the rhythm of urban music such as Hip Hop and Dancehall. For over 5 years she trained herself with well-known teachers such as Kiki Brom in Switzerland.

One highlight was when she won the Swiss Championship of Hip Hop in the category “Adults, female, solo” in 2003 and got qualified for the World Hip Hop Championship in Bremen, Germany. Out of 144 dancers in this category she made it to the semifinals.

After this success she started teaching Streetstyle on her own and founded two showgroups: “Steps” and “Ruffsistaz”. She worked with local DJ’s and event managers, created choreography for videoclips and challenged herself in competitions such as for example the “Red Bull beat it”

To perfect her personal style, she is constantly investing in taking dance lessons in Dancehall, Afrodance, Waacking, New Style Hustle, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, House, Contemporary, Ballet, Breaking and more. The biggest influence on her style and her way to teach had her experiences in New York City. She lived in NYC for several months and worked & danced with famous dancers and stars. She is still traveling regularly to NYC and is joining international dance camps such as “The Beatcamp” in order to always catch the latest vybz and new moves. Fusing together a wide variety of dance foundations, her style can be distinguished by her power, musicality & diversity.

With her label “NYDS-New York Dance Studio” she strives to bring the spirit of the NYC dance scene to Switzerland. Fresh moves, new styles and trends are delivered there. Her courses are versatile, and it is dear to her, that all customers get a personalized, professional and purposeful training. BRiNA traveled so far to 12 different countries to evolve as a dancer and teach her unique style and philosophy.

“My goal is to teach dance…not only steps and choreographies. I want my students to learn how to feel the music in their very own way and develop their own style and expression. I don’t want some “Mini-mes”, I want to deliver them the tools to create their own future. Still, I want them to know, where each style is coming from and give respect to the creators, dancers and the culture. Due to my experience, my expertise but most of all because of all that I have been through, I know that I am able to teach to my students so much more than only steps. I teach them lessons and values for life”

​Currently BRiNA is resident in Lyss (Switzerland) where she continues to push the boundaries of creative movement and impact on the Swiss dance scene.

BRiNA – I bring the spirit of NYC to Switzerland


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