Dance Birthday Parties in Ratby, Leicestershire

We are super dooper thrilled to be working with Paula Tenwick of Yogibird fame.

We caught up with Paula to find out a bit more about what she does and why she wanted to partner with Popdance.

Paula, you run a fantastic yoga business called, Yogibird, so what made you look at becoming a Popdance partner with us?

I’d always been interested in sports and was a gymnast and dancer from a young age. As I grew older, I realised how important keeping active and taking time out for myself was – dance and fitness became a large part of my life.

I wanted to work with Popdance as it was a great fit with what I was doing. Popdance gave me the support, encouragement and team to help me to do what I wanted to do.

I was working in a day job, but had the flexibility to run my own Popdance classes and also benefit from Popdance birthday parties.

Unfortunately, I had an injury and had to stop running my regular Popdance classes, but the beauty of partnering with Popdance was that I could still run Popdance birthday parties when the team offered them to me – so I wasn’t putting as much pressure on my knees every week.

I was also thrilled when Popdance asked me to run a Corporate Workshop for Walkers Crisps staff and teach them a Spice Girls routine!

And since working with Popdance, I’ve now had the courage to start my own Yoga business, Yogibird, and it’s great to have the help and support from Popdance with that as well. Popdance help me to promote Yogibird as well as offer me Popdance birthday parties and workshops, which brings me additional revenue and customers for Yogibird!

The team are really friendly, approachable, driven, motivating and inspiring and they encourage me to be part of that team too – so when I get a spare five minutes, I can even choreograph for them and get paid for it.

I have no hesitation in recommending partnering with Popdance – it’s great value, extremely effective and the support I get from the team and other Popdance partners is fantastic.