Move It – The Essential Guide to Running Your Own Dance Business

Move It

Want to find out more about building a business in dance?

wsnetJoin us at Move It on Friday 13th February 2015 at 12.45-1.30pm with Women’s Sport Net for essential advice on running your own dance business

Our very own Sue Wybrow, Chief Legwarmer Wearer at Popdance, will be chatting with Paul Reynolds, Director of Communications at Women’s Sports Net about her experiences in setting up an International dance business from scratch.

Sue will explain the mistakes she made, the essentials she learned and what she would tell her younger self if starting out today.

At £4.50 for the session – this is money well and truly well spent!

Get doing what you love – turn your dream into a business!

Book now – click on the button below and head to “Building Your Business” session – 12.45-1.20pm on Friday 13th February


Here’s a sneaky peek at what Popdance get up to: