Work Experience Blog – End of Week

FullSizeRender (16)This week has been an amazing experience and I have learnt so many things about the world of work!  Sue has made me very welcome and taught me a lot about how Popdance works.

I have seen how she advertises Popdance via Twitter and Facebook posts and I wrote some of my own; I also explored the navigation on the website and gave my thoughts on how easy it was to use.

But I haven’t just been in the office all week. On Tuesday, I went and watched Rachel and Lianne come up with some choreography for the new term. This was really interesting as I had never really thought about the fact that somebody has to come up with all the new dances!

Then, on Friday, I went with Lianne to help out with a Popdance Tots class and then I stayed on and joined in with her adult class afterwards. I enjoyed this a lot and it was good to see the structure of a normal class.

Sue has also helped me massively start to plan my event. We have made a plan of when I should attempt to get things done by and I have been shown several websites that I can use to create posters and possibly use an online ticket system as a more efficient way of selling tickets.

breifcaseUsing the skills I have gained this week, I have been able to create a blog and a twitter account for my event that I hope to advertise from in the future.

I have had a really good time this week with Popdance and I have gained a better understanding of how a business works.

Everything I have learnt this week will help me hugely when I venture into the world of work so thank you very much Popdance!


We’ve loved having you, Lucy!