Dancers email signature

We all know how important it is to spread the word that we exist – to never stop marketing – never stop creating brand awareness – never stop creating professional communications.

So, does your email signature portray you as you would like to be seen?

Does your email signature make it easy for people to connect with you – whether it be by phone, email, web, and all the social media platforms that you work so hard to be a part of?

Why miss out on making it very easy for people to connect with you whenever you communicate with them?

And why miss out on the opportunity to remind people of what you do and who you are?

And perhaps create the opportunity to bring a smile to people’s faces too – Chief Legwarmer Wearer ;)  We’ve had so many compliments on this job title and people certainly remember us!

Adding a bit of personality makes a world of difference.

So, how do you create sWisestampuch a work of art?  Simple! WiseStamp!

And, guess what?  It’s FREE – yay!

And, it works with GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL – result!

Homework: Head over to and Create A Signature.

There are tons of styles to choose from and it’s so easy to add all your social media platforms too!

Send us your creations – we would love to see them!

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