If You Do Nothing Else This Weekend, Just Do This


We all lead busy lives, it sometimes feels like time flies just that little bit too fast ;)  So we know that many of you work at the weekend and Sundays are precious time with family and friends….


But, if you do nothing else this weekend, just do this one thing….


Ensure you are capturing your clients and potential clients data!


It is absolutely key to your business!


You may well have this information as a spreadsheet


Or you may have a CRM within your website


Or you may have it all scribbled in a notebook


Data is crucial!


If you have a website, what is happening to people who visit it and then go away? Are they gone forever?

If you have an enquiry about your classes, do you log the email address and name of the enquirer?

Do you then use that data to communicate with your clients and potential clients about upcoming classes and events?


It’s very simple to set up “capturing data” on your website – with tools such as mailchimp and aweber

Or simply ensure you make a note of all enquiries you get


Probably teaching you to “suck eggs” but it really is the key to success!


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