Periscope for Dance Teachers & Fitness Instructors



Have you heard of Periscope?

What can Periscope do for you as a dance teacher or fitness instructor?

Is it just “another” thing to do?

We are told that Periscope is “Twitter on Speed” ;)  Whether you are a person who grabs social media by the horn and gets stuck in, or you are apprehensive and wonder what social media is all about – it’s definitely worth taking a look.



Social networking for dance teachersSo what is Periscope?

Well, our interpretation of it is that’s it’s a live broadcast that can be viewed on your phone or on a computer that enables people to be part of that broadcast.

Your “followers” can join in by saying “hi”, asking questions, and tapping on their screen to give you “hearts” meaning that they like what you are broadcasting.

The broadcast is then kept on Periscope for 24 hours so that people who were unable to join you live, can catch up during that period.

Your broadcast can also be stored in your camera roll on your phone, and can also be uploaded to YouTube to be kept forever.

We’ve also just learned via Mark Shaw, that is a fab way to store your broadcasts as it includes all the comments too.



Periscope for dance teachers and fitness instructorsSo why would you want to broadcast via Periscope?

– Great Communication

As with any social media, it’s a great way to communicate with people.  People can actually see you, and get a feel for your personality and your passion.  People buy from people at the end of the day!

– Showcase

It’s also a fantastic way of showcasing what you do and what your area of expertise is.

– Enables you to interact with your customers and advocates

– Brand building

– Easy engagement

– Visual

– Get ahead of the game – be an early adopter and see how you can make Periscope work for you


Time management for dance teachersSo how do you get started?

Download the app

Sign in via your twitter account

Watch some broadcasts including ours ;) @PopdanceWorld

Tell people you are on Periscope and invite them to follow you

Tell people why you are going to broadcast

Go for it

Tap the screen to enable you to flip the camera on your phone

Swipe left to invite people to join you

Chat with the people who are interacting with you – give them shout outs, say hi to them

Invite people to ask you questions

Invite people to tap their screen to give you “hearts” if they like what they are seeing

Enable saving the broadcasts to your camera roll if you want to keep them

Sign up with Katch.Me if you want to save all broadcasts with the messages and hearts in them

Share your broadcasts on facebook and twitter and via your website

Broadcast at least once a day

Share your expertise

Don’t necessarily “Sell” to people

Build relationships and become a “useful” broadcaster

What’s in it for your viewers

Go for it

Try it out and let us know how you get on



Did you find this tip useful?  We would love to hear from you – let us know if you give Periscope a go

Watch our broadcasts by following @PopdanceWorld on Periscope

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