periscopePeriscope for Dance Teachers & Fitness Instructors

What we’ve discovered so far



get fit for summerSo we’ve jumped straight in!

Grabbed the chance of being early adopters.

Flung ourselves into the deep end.

And we are loving it!

Periscope is the new “Twitter on speed” social media platform and here’s what we’ve discovered having been using it for the last couple of weeks:



Periscope for dance teachers and fitness instructors1. We’ve found that we tend to have more viewers and participation from our “evening” broadcasts. Perhaps people are busy during the day and can’t always join us live (we can see that people watch our broadcasts on catch up) – so evenings are working best for us so far.



Love to dance2. Ask for what you want. If you want hearts, ask for them. If you want answers to questions or viewer participation – ask for it.



how to say no without offending people3. Block people who you feel are causing a nuisance ;) We had a couple discussing their sex life on one of our broadcasts and we didn’t know how to block them at the time. Now we do! If you want to block them on a live broadcast simply hit their name and hit on “block”. You can also block after a live broadcast too.



communication is key

4. You can contact any of your viewers or participants after your “show” by simply clicking on their name and it will take you to their twitter profile – you can then tweet them, or look up their web address if it’s featured in their profile and contact them via their website. Always nice to do if you want to thank them for anything in particular, or if you have any questions for them etc.



Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 15.01.07

5. You flip the camera around by hitting the screen twice :)





Dance Party for Kids

6. We use Periscope as we do any other social media platform – giving some of our personality, what goes on in our life, as well as what goes on at Popdance. It’s giving information to viewers so that they can know, trust and like you.  So as well as our marketing tips for dance teachers and fitness instructors, we also include what we get up to at the weekend, our dog, our kids etc.




dance events7. Tell people that you are on Periscope. We’ve set up an automatic tweet that goes out of our broadcasts  – plus we sometimes tell people when we will be live, and also give a link to that broadcast after it’s been live.





Dance teachers support8. “Katch” all your broadcasts at – thanks Mark Shaw, for this one!  Periscope only keeps your broadcast for 24 hours. keeps all your broadcasts and allows viewers to pause, forward and rewind – plus you can use the links to spread the word on other platforms such as twitter, facebook, linked in, your website etc. and you can read all the comments again too.



support for dance teachers

9. Get viewers now whilst there are not tons and tons of Periscope broadcasts! Get in there now and get people seeing what you are like, what you do and what makes you you!






wear branded clothing10. Don’t worry if you don’t have many viewers or any hearts. We all have to start somewhere – just go for it. Test different broadcast times, and ensure you put a great, interesting title in before your broadcast – people seem to use emoji’s too. Input your title before your broadcast and don’t forget to turn off the location button if you don’t want people to see the precise location of your broadcast.




Check out our broadcasts with HERE


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Have fun Periscoping!